A circular marketplace for students to sell pre-loved items

Saudade Studio’s first strategic investment was in Harriet Noy’s vision for a new circular marketplace to allow students to sell their pre-loved items amongst each other. Hazaar had already managed to reach over 20,000 students with their Facebook groups which facilitated the exchange of second-hand items at university.

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Having proved their was a demand, Harriet, was looking to stage the next step and turn this into an official application.

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Together we were able to create a concept that respected the need to keep carbon emissions low - unlike tradiitonal marketplaces, the focus would be on individual campuses. Students would have to physically meet to exchange the goods, using a QR code scanning system, to discourage long distance deliveries.

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With a combination of Flutter to build a cross-platform app and a serverless Django backend, The new Hazaar app launched in 2021 to great aclaim and maanged to close a funding round off the back of Saudade Studio’s work.