Saudade Studio

Born in London, Built in Lisbon.

Our mission is to build a better, greener future—one product at a time.

There has never been a more important issue than climate change, we want to use our collective skills to educate and empower people to solve and help save our blue marble.

Our Portfolio

The Team

James Fox, Director

I first started building websites and editing videos for local businesses back when I was 8. This quickly turned into my first business, a Wordpress agency. Around the turn of the iPhone, I moved into iOS app development; during this period I did a short internship with a game studio focused on building iOS apps. This lead to me launching my first start up which focused on developing a pre-production app for film & tv studios and eventually my first fulltime job working for a development agency whre I was able to work across a wide spectrum of sectors.

After graduating from college, I moved to london to work for a social media start-up called Unii. There I built helped them to build a popular messaging service called Fling which reached over million users and a billion messages; Prominent users include the likes of Steve Aoki. Following the success of this; I moved onto working at a hyper local startup called Sup which was awarded the Talent Unleashed Awards by Steve Wozniak and the hottest app in the UK by Virgin Media.

After another brief stint at trying to launch a chatbot agency; I was headhunted to join the generative AI startup Autoenhance, where I've managed to help grow their MRR to £50K.

Now almost 30 and wanting to produce something with purpose, Saudade Studio was born.